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If necessity is the mother of invention, then around the turn of the century somebody needed a wonderfully sadistic method for initiating applicants into secret societies while keeping their hands clean of the actual abuse. This device, patented in 1900, requires a blind-folded candidate to lean over and grasp two handles. When pulled, the handles would set the device in motion, simultaneously administering an electrical shock and a spanking. All the while current members would be left free to shout encouraging words without the risk of spilling their cocktails.

In using this initiating device the applicant for admission is first blindfolded and then placed in proper position upon the platform and is directed to grasp the handles and pull to test his strength, it being understood that the paddle has previously been drawn down and into operative position. When the handles are drawn upwardly, the bar engages the latch-tongue and moves it from its keeper to release the follower, when the helical springs act to draw the plates rearwardly and throw the paddle upwardly to spank the applicant. At the same time the gun-cap is exploded and the electric shock passes through the arms the applicant, making the sensation rather unique.