10 classic summer photos June 26 2009

1246025439423From a 1957 Kodachrome titled "Three Girl Pyramid."

With July 4 around the corner, temperatures soaring into the 90s and vacations well under way it's a good time to share this collection of 10 classic summer photos from the Shorpy archives. It was hard work, but I browsed through close to 100 images to pick the best pieces of vintage Americana. Just click on a photo to be transported to a full-size version of the image on Shorpy.

1246026027272Washington, D.C., 1922. "Potomac bathing beach."

1246026129381"Summer camps." Circa 1920, in or around Washington, D.C. 1246026185047July 1941. Sun bathers at the park swimming pool in Caldwell, Idaho. 1246026252509Summer 1923. Vicinity of Washington, D.C. "Boys carrying loaves of bread from wagons near beach."1246026306581Summer 1939. Carnival at Bozeman, Montana.1246026357031July 9, 1926. "Golf and bathing suits."1246026399055Summer 1936. Roadside stand near Birmingham, Alabama.1246026448439Summer 1939. "Amusements on the carnival midway. Bozeman, Montana."1246026486923Serving up the barbeque at the Pie Town, New Mexico, Fair. Photograph by Russell Lee