Oxydol: The Movie July 07 2009

1246984782277"Washday at the FSA Camelback Farms." March 1942. By Russell Lee for the Farm Security Administration. View full size.Shorpy comment of the day: "In the early 70s. I remember that when we finally got a real washing machine (and given my dad's talent at frittering away money on worthless doodads, that was an event), Mom dragged the wringer washer into the back yard and smashed it up with a hammer so that nobody would ever be forced to use it again. She hated that thing with the fire of a thousand suns. I remember her taking two jobs so that we could afford modern appliances, and my dad whining all the while that 'the old stuff is good enough and you're just being picky.' Of course he never did a load of laundry or washed a dish in his life."

- Submitted by Charlene on Oxydol: 1942

Thanks to Jeff for pointing Shorpy readers to this 1938 film for Oxydol distibutors and retailers.