How to pick a 1959 beauty pageant winner and other linkage July 28 2009

1248794429928The caption reads: "ALL FIGURED OUT–This chart is used by judges as [a] guide in picking Miss Universe. First six show figure flaws, seventh is perfectly proportioned. (1) Shoulders too square. (2) Shoulders too sloping. (3) Hips too wide. (4) Shoulder bones too pronounced. (5) Shoulders and back hunched. (6) Legs irregular, with spaces at calves, knees, thighs. (7) The form divine, needs only a beautiful face."

Originally published in The Mirror in 1959, the chart above helpfully points out imperfections Miss Universe judges looked for when gauging body types. Lucky contestant #7 sports the "divine" body of perfection. (Via Contexts Blogs).

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