CinemaFX iPhone photo app reviewed August 13 2009

1250257090869The intensity of each effect in CinemaFX can be adjusted by moving a slider at the bottom of the frame.I recently shared my list of the best iPhone photography apps and I continue to favor that group. But since then I've tested another iPhone photo app I'll be keeping in my virtual camera bag and I wanted to share. CinemaFX is very similar to the CameraBag filter app I recommended in that it offers a suite of effects that can be applied to photographs. CinemaFX bases all of its filters on movies styles, so you end up with effects such as Flashback, Twilight Poster, English Tea and WWI.

Overall I prefer the collection of filters available in CameraBag, but for only 99 cents CinemaFX is a good purchase and expands the number of options I have at my fingertips. There are currently 21 filters available, but according to feedback in the iPhone store it looks like the developers are always adding new ones.

1250257747279Heat Vision.

1250257804398Spartan Sepia.

1250257880721Surveillance Cam.

1250257953307Twilight Poster

1250258012719Twilight Flashback.

1250258111153English Tea.