Remembering how bad things got August 19 2009

1250690211015"Part of an impoverished family of nine on a New Mexico highway. Depression refugees from Iowa." August 1936.Shorpy comment of the day: "I remember a friend telling me about his father, wandering the streets of San Antonio in 1935. He stopped in front of an Army recruiting office, reached into his pocket, and all the money he had--all the money in the world--was one dime. Figuring the Army couldn't be any worse, he went in and joined up, serving one year and then getting recalled during WW2.

"From that time on, he always carried a dime in his pocket to remind himself that no matter how bad things got, things would never be as bad as 1935. How's that for a lasting impression"

- Comment by Al-Thib on No Money at All: 1936