Walker Evans' Sprott: Then and now August 26 2009

The crossroads depot in Sprott Alabama on August 22, 2009.

Sprott, Alabama, 1935. By Walker Evans.In 1935 when Walker Evans visited the crossroads of Sprott, Alabama he photographed an outpost that was a place to mail a letter, fill up the tank and get a cold drink. Since then the building that sits at the intersection of County Roads 183 and 14 has been used on and off as a general store, farmers market and now as an antique shop. You can still get a cold drink there, as I found out last weekend when I visited.

Except for the missing 2nd floor, the building is very much intact. The proprietor told me that every weekend someone stops by to take photos of the building made famous by Evans. A story that ran in the New York Times in April also helped increase traffic to the rural location.

A look in side the old Sprott Post Office. It now serves as an antique store and a place to get a cold drink. The original P.O. Boxes are located in a room at the back.