Digital as impressive as Kodachrome August 31 2009

1251769489394Farmland and weathered barn in the Catskill country, New York State. June 1943. Kodachrome transparency by John Collier.Shorpy comment of the day: "As impressive as these 4 x 5 Kodachromes are, if we can admire their color rendition on our computer screens then the 'digital' process has the ability to capture this quality. I have looked at some vacation pictures shot with an ordinary 8-meg Canon pocket camera, and they're just as sharp and rich in color. The cheap lens betrays a bit of flare around hot spots, but the new 'film' is MUCH faster and considerably sharper than the 35mm slide enlargements we've seen here.

"Serious photogs using SLR-digital and RAW image encoding are getting awesome results, with lots of dynamic range for post-processing. And Photoshop or its equivalent offers manipulations and corrections only dreamed about by Kodachrome users, who basically took what they got back from the factory."

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