Victor Friedman's 'Flag' salutes Ol' Glory November 02 2009

1257172027850I received a review copy of photojournalist Victor Friedman's Flag in the mail on Thursday and spent the weekend browsing through the collection of images that cover 45 years of his work. As the title suggests, all of the photographs share a common element: The American flag. The collection shows the nearly ubiquitious presence of the flag in the United States. It's seen displayed on a shopping cart, the side of a barn, at a beach party and behind a lovely bar maid.

The release from Viking Studio describes Flag as "an eye-catching testament to the American people's longstanding, rich, and diverse relationship with their flag." But it would be wrong to believe this collection is just an homage to Ol' Glory. Yes, the photographs all share the common token, but this is really a book about the American experience. Fans of Shorpy should enjoy the little slices of Americana that are present in these black and white photographs.

Although most of the photos were taken in New York and surrounding areas, the scenes could be played out anywhere in America where people gather to barbecue, celebrate family events or socialize over a board game. That is, everywhere. It should be on sale beginning today.