Keep Calm and Carry On WWII Poster May 03 2011

1304451842408New in our gallery and store: The Keep Calm and Carry On poster was used in Great Britain during WWII to help calm the nerves of the citizenry and to provide a morale boost. Our poster has been faithfully reproduced and is identical to the original in typography, proportion and spacing. Don't be fooled by other "Keep Calm" posters that are made with modern, computer-generated graphics. (View Keep Calm and Carry On full size) | More WWII Posters


Also available in these colors: 
» Red
» Aqua 
» Blue 
» Chartreuse 
» Green 
» Orange 
» Pink
» Purple 
» Royal Blue 
» Turquoise 
» Yellow with white type
» Yellow with black type