WPA Posters

The WPA Federal Art Project

From 1935 to 1936, as part of the New Deal Works Progress Administration, the WPA Federal Art Project created posters to publicize local exhibits, theater productions and health and educational programs. The WPA Posters were also created as part of the Federal Arts Program and the Federal Theater Project. The main goal of the WPA Federal Art Project was to employ struggling artists.

WPA National Parks Collection

The WPA National Parks posters are among the most highly sought out WPA reproductions. These WPA Posters show the majestic beauty of America's National Parks. These WPA Posters highlighted the landscape and wildlife of the National Parks.

WPA Posters for Sale

Original WPA art was primarily printed on poster board. We print our reproduction WPA Posters on premium 100% cotton rag, acid-free archival papers. Our WPA Posters for sale include work from the WPA National Parks series, WPA Travel Posters, WPA Health Posters, WPA Theater Posters and other general WPA Posters.