You Mean a Woman Can Open It?

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You mean a woman can open it? Easily -- without a knife blade, a bottle opener, or even a husband! Image detail from Alcoa Aluminum of America advertisement, 1953. Reach for the attractive, long, tall and white Alcoa HyTop Closure. Image is also available as a print with ad copy included.

All it takes is a dainty grasp, an easy, two-finger twist -- and the catsup is ready to pour. We call this safe-sealing bottle cap the Alcoa HyTop. Made of pure, food-loving Alcoa Aluminum, it spins off -- and back on again -- without muscle power because an exclusive Alcoa process tailors it to each bottle's threads, vacuum sealing both tops and sides.

You'll recognize the attractive, tractable HyTop when you see it on your grocer's shelf. It's long, it's white, it's grooved -- and it's on the most famous and flavorful brands.

Put the bottle that wears it in your basket ... save fumbling, fuming and fingers at opening time with the most cooperative cap in the world -- the Alcoa HyTop Closure.


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