What Will Your Pals Think of You?

You're proud of your pals in the Army of course! But what will your pals think of you? Think it over! Designed and printed by Johnson, Riddle & Co., Ltd. of London for the Parliamentary Recruiting Committee during WWI. Circa 1915. Vintage WWI Poster.

About Our Paper
We print on mould-made 100% cotton rag, acid-free archival papers or heavyweight Exhibition Gallery Canvas. Each print is inspected before shipping.

• 8.5x11 and 11x17 prints have .50-inch margins
• 19x13 prints have 1-inch margins
• 22x17 prints have 1.5 inch margins
• 30x24 Special Edition and 47x34 Magnum prints have 2-inch margins
• Canvas prints have slightly wider margins for stretching
• If image does not match paper dimensions,
  there will be a wider margin along the narrowest side

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